Tattoo Aftercare

How should I take care of my tattoo while it heals?

Leave the bandage your artist puts on you for 2-4 hours, unless otherwise told to you by the artist. This should be the ONLY bandage you have over your tattoo during the healing process. NEVER REBANDAGE FOR ANY REASON.

Wash your hands thoroughly, remove your bandage and dispose of it.

Wash your tattoo under warm (not scalding) water and use a mild soap and your fingertips to gently wash away any ointment that your artist applied prior to the bandage. DO NOT SCRUB. DO NOT USE A WASHCLOTH OF ANY KIND. Rinse well with water. Pat dry, preferably with clean paper towels, then let completely air dry before putting on any clothing or lotions.

Wash your tattoo 2-6 times daily. Pay special attention to wash during and/or after---workouts, if you work in a dirty environment, basically anytime your sweating a lot or getting dirty.

If your tattoo feels tight after you’ve let it completely dry, you may choose to use lotion. We recommend any MILD, NON-SCENTED lotion (ie: Lubriderm, Curel, Eucerin, etc.) or we also sell H2Ocean at the shop. Use only a small amount and completely rub it in so it is totally absorbed.

During the healing process, your tattoo may do several things: become flakey, peel like a sunburn, form small scabs, look milky/cloudy. It will also more than likely itch at times. ALL OF THIS IS NORMAL. If your tattoo starts to scab, flake or itch, DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH. If you must relieve your itching, do so by slapping/patting your tattoo. (This sounds funny, but it does help)

If for any reason you don’t know or “feel funny” about the way your tattoo is healing, never hesitate to call us or come in to the shop and have us take a look. DO NOT RELY ON FRIENDS FOR CARE ADVICE. We are happy to help and answer anything you could possibly ask about the healing process and we are, after all, the professionals.

DO NOT TAN WHILE HEALING. (or ever, if we had it our way) Keep your tattoo covered or remain in shaded areas while you are healing your new tattoo. Use plenty of sunscreen often after your tattoo has HEALED to extend the life and beauty of your tattoo.