Tattoo FAQ

How much does a tattoo cost?

Big O Tattoo has a $60 minimum. Every tattoo is priced individually. Just stop in and we can help provide a more accurate estimate dependant on the tattoo you want. On average though it runs $125 an hour.

How many times do you use a needle?

All needles are single-use, sterilized, pre-packaged needles. Each artist will open the needles they intend to use for your procedure with you present. After each tattoo is completed, needles are disposed of into a sealed sharps container, never to be used again.

How long will my tattoo take to heal?

Most tattoos are healed within 3 weeks, but may take up to a month or more to heal completely. (Click here for our Aftercare information)

Do I have to make an appointment?

Though appointments are generally preferred, we do have times for walk-ins at times. However, since we are primarily appointment-based, we cannot offer set times for walk-ins. Feel free to call before you visit the shop to see if we have openings, especially if you're traveling from out of town.

Do you tattoo minors with or without Parental Consent?

We do not. Though the State and County laws say nothing about us not tattooing minors with consent, it is our shop policy not to. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we hope to see everyone after they've turned 18.

What documents do I need to get tattooed?

We are required by law to have valid identification for each and every client we tattoo. This can be any State or Federally issued ID which includes your picture and birthdate, which includes (but is not limited to): State ID card, State Drivers License, State Learners permit, or Government issued Passport. Foreign IDs and Passports are acceptable as long as the aforementioned requirements are met and readable to any employee in the shop. School/Student IDs are not acceptable.